Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dalgety Bay - curious winged insect encounter

What is this thing? It seems vaguely familiar. There were a few of them flying around on the shore edge

Another nice find this morning was this group of ladybirds. I'd spent some time looking for them in bark cracks earlier in the year but by chance I ended up in the right place while looking for flies on sunny tree trunks this morning.

Probably my last post before Tim overtakes me! 631 species before the first butterfly. Insane.

629 lep-moth Alucita hexadactyla Twenty-plume Moth
630 lep-moth Diurnea fagella A micromoth
631 coleoptera Calvia quattuordecimguttata Cream-spot Ladybird
632 lep-butterfly Aglais io Peacock


  1. Don't be so pessimistic Ali. The rate you're adding new species means it could be several weeks before I (probably) overtake. Just needs a good moth night down here, but I don't have my trap on every night, gives the moths a chance to get on with their lives.

  2. I'm not in it to compete really, but it does help keep the enthusiasm going when you see other people's efforts. I don't usually do more than twice a week unless I've had an empty. Might try a different location though. Already the night is becoming very scarce!