Sunday, April 8, 2018

Eype: Moths and more

The chance to run a moth trap at Eype was something high on my priorities but as I knew no-one there I was not sure how I was going to be able to. However the other day I was chatting to the landlady of the pub and it turned out she was very keen on wildlife. Even better she was happy for me to run a moth trap there. Initially just one night a week, but its a start.
The first go (on Friday night) resulted in 45 moths of 10 species (including 1 lifer!) and Dark Sexton beetles, which was a very good start!
Highlight was a couple of Oak Beauty's - photo below.

Also the run of very low tides last week-end prompted me to copy Seth and turn over (and then replace) as many tideline stones as possible. Fairly poor return for my efforts but was encouraged by the stone below

A Strawberry Anemone no less.

Finally, for the record Eype on 246 and Thorne on 262


  1. Love the Strawberry Anenome Pete. I think I've mentioned before that my seashore list is almost less than zero, so don't know whether we could spend a bit of time at Eype looking for wet things? Would love to see a few sea fishes and crabs and sea-weeds as well? Hoping that the combined skills of you, Seth and Ali will bear fruit on Skye, where I imagine virtually every marine species will be new for me. Sounds like you've found a pub where we could have a pint as well. I seem to remember that you're a bit of a pool wizard - haven't played that for years, do pubs still have pool tables?

    1. Alas a Pub with a pool table is a rare thing these days!
      I am sure we can compromise at Eype between me showing you some marine species and you showing me some inverts on the cliffs.

  2. I have a pool table in my house. Just sayin'.... I also have a beach (though no Strawberry Anemones that I've found yet)

    Pete - impressive skillz, getting in with the local landlady! Never made it much beyond the barmaids, myself ;)

  3. Somehow I'm reminded of Get Carter ... anyways ... if you post pics of your seashore stuff you might be able to get a few ticks from picture IDs. I'm a big fan of the pool table. Seems like we need to schedule no sleep whatsoever.

  4. Pool table in your house - fantastic. However we will all have far too much else to do?!

    Ali; might well take you up on the picture id front, thanks.