Thursday, April 19, 2018

Green things...

Pleased to get a Green Tiger Beetle in the garden today but as usual wasn't possible to get very near it. But this tachinid, Gymnocheta viridis, (first seen a couple of days ago) was far more obliging and rather attractive too.

A few other additions:

598 Lipara lucens Diptera Chloropidae 19/04/2018
599 Nomada marshamella Hymenoptera Marsham's Nomad Bee 19/04/2018
600 Paradromius linearis Coleoptera Carabidae 19/04/2018
601 Bembidion mannerheimii Coleoptera Carabidae 19/04/2018
602 Sylvia curruca Birds Lesser Whitethroat 19/04/2018
603 Pieris brassicae Lepidoptera:butterflies Large White 19/04/2018
604 Amara eurynota Coleoptera Carabidae 19/04/2018
605 Cicindela campestris Coleoptera Green Tiger Beetle 19/04/2018

When I last did this marlarky in 2014 I recorded 104 species of beetle in the whole year, so 112 species already is not to be sneezed at as the main beetle season is only just starting really.


  1. Congrats on breaching the 6. I missed Gymnocheta last year. I didn't just not see it - I actually missed it! Be disappointed if I don't see it in this square. It's certainly pretty common here too. To be fair I did have compensatory tachinids. Can I get to 700 before you overtake me? I have my doubts

  2. Had a sunbathing Gymnocheta here on Skye today too. As the old saying goes, one Gymnocheta does not a summer make, but I reckon two certainly do!