Saturday, June 16, 2018

By popular request...

Back home for a few days. And here's what you've all been clamouring for, photos of Cylindera germanica, the Cliff Tiger Beetle, from Eype.

Got a lot of things to go through from the yellow traps at Eype. Just sorted the hymenopterans and have got about 60 specimens just from this group to go through. The first two I looked at were Nomadas and were both lifers. Wouldn't be surprised if quite a few others are as well. Pete, this is not going to happen overnight! I'll try and do the hymenopterans before leaving for Scotland, but the other groups (mainly flies and beetles) will have to wait. Think there's several lifers in that lot as well.

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  1. Never mind lifers - that many hymenopterans may take me my whole life :D