Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Syrph City

Well as predicted there's been a slowing of pace in the additions but with some nice things. Most significant was my 6th new hover fly and 2nd new county hover of the year in Brachyopa insensilis.

I was planning to key out my first caddis last night as I don't get many in the garden moth trap. It looks like what I believe is called a Cinnamon Sedge, but I couldn't find the damn book. Very irritating..

Anyway, the Brachyopa more than compensated and the caddis will wait.

Brachyopa insensilis

Criorhina floccosa

Criorhina floccosa

901 diptera Melanomya nana Little Black Blow Fly
902 lep-moth Agrotis exclamationis Heart & Dart
903 diptera Chrysogaster solstitialis A hover fly
904 fungus Protostropharia semiglobata Dung Roundhead
905 diptera Volucella pellucens  Syrphidae
906 diptera Criorhina floccosa A hoverfly
907 diptera Hebecnema vespertina A muscid fly
908 diptera Nemopoda nitidula Sepsidae
909 lep-moth Korscheltellus lupulina Common Swift
910 * diptera Brachyopa insensilis A hover fly

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