Thursday, June 7, 2018

Eype update

Just a quick update to give an idea of what groups and numbers of species I have been recording so far this year. Then hopefully quite a few more species to be added after Tim's visit this Sunday.

Mammals 6, Birds 65, Amphibian 2, Reptiles 1, Odonata 0!, Orthoptera 2, Hemiptera 2, Butterflies 13, Moths 56, Coleoptera 11, Hymenoptera 18, Diptera 18, RSO 1, Mollusc 10, Spiders 0, Crustacea 0, Annelids 4, Anemone 1, Bryzoan 1, Plants 217, Bryrophytes 10, Algae 9 and Fungi 10.
This gives a total of 465.

A couple of photos taken at Eype in the last week.

                                         Cream-spot Tiger.

                                         Western Bee-fly


  1. Very nice. Amazing plant list. I won't be close to that by the end of the year!

  2. Ooh, I like your Western Bee-fly Pete, hang on to it until Sunday!

  3. Would be an awful, awful accident if one of those bee-flies were to become trapped in your car and accidentally brought up to Uig and fortuitously seen by myself before it expired. Yup, that would be just awful ;)