Monday, June 4, 2018

Dalgety Bay 900

I feel like saying "at last" even though 900 just into June is a riproaring romp compared to last year!

Nothing spectacular happened to put a nice image on the happy event - just a gradual grinding away at commoner species and a lot of fly genitalia peeping. I should pass some of last year's totals very shortly - flies and spiders in particular. From here on rather than try to make the total as quickly as possible I'll probably chill out a bit and take it easy. I feel like I may have said that before though.

Here's a picture of my best find while out looking for moths the other night. You may be able to spot that it isn't, in fact, a moth but rather a Giant Polypore. Surprising how often fungi stand out in the dark.

883 diptera Leucozona lucorum A hover fly
884 diptera Eupeodes corollae A hover fly
885 * diptera Fannia armata A lesser house fly
886 gall mite Eriophyes laevis A gall mite on alder
887 diptera Tipula lunata Tipuloidea
888 spider Pseudeuophrys lanigera A spider
889 diptera Dasineura ulmaria A gall midge
890 coleoptera Agriotes obscurus A click beetle
891 coleoptera Polydrusus formosus A Broad-nosed Weevil
892 diptera Pollenia amentaria A cluster fly
893 millipede Tachypodoiulus niger White-legged Snake Millipede
894 fungus Meripilus giganteus Giant Polypore
895 diptera Empis tessellata An empid fly
896 diptera Fannia parva Fanniidae
897 diptera Fannia lepida A lesser house fly
898 flowering plant Senecio jacobaea Common Ragwort
899 diptera Tephritis vespertina Tephritidae
900 coleoptera Aphidecta obliterata Larch Ladybird
901 lep-moth Eupithecia intricata Freyer's Pug


  1. Bravo that man! Seems incredible (to me) how you've only just recorded Tachy niger whereas I had it on 1st Jan and probably on most days since. Less of this 'slowing down' nonsense, we'll hear no more of it :D

  2. Well done Ali and hope the 'slowing down' will just be a passing phase!

  3. Good going Ali - and think of all those bugs that are currently in nymph form will be maturing over the next few weeks so hit some trees and grassland with that sweep net over the summer and autumn.

  4. It'll only be a relative slowing down, assuming it even happens. Rather than going hell-for-leather to make 1000 before Skye I'll pootle along at 5 spp/day. There'll be a lot of flies, and before too long a lot of fungi! I'm sure I have actually seen T.niger but not recorded it. Mind you I have a considerable weak spot when it comes to myriapods that I can't explain or get past. I get to the end of the key and I think, "Not sure I believe that"!