Monday, June 11, 2018

Two go mad at Eype

Well we were certainly getting strange looks (and questions on our return) from the beach as Tim swung his large sweep net all over the undercliff.
A fantastic day adding lots of new species more details to follow (and several more species to add) but just to say now on 518 for the year.

Also a story of 2 key species for the rest of you.

Western Bee Fly - no sign of one whatsoever.

However as we first approached the undercliff in the morning I was just saying to Tim that I had had no sign of Cliff Tiger Beetle so far this year, and perhaps his visit was a little early in the year. Then literally - an overused word but in this case strictly true - the first insect we saw was Cliff Tiger Beetle. And we must of seen getting on for 10 of them during the day


  1. Great day Pete, thanks for showing me your patch and the pub lunch! I suspect that the yellow traps will produce some more interest, but that'll have to wait until I get back.

  2. Been waiting for the report on this visit - too mush tease!

  3. Aye, c'mon lads - spill the beans, or at least give us a gratuitous Cliff Tiger piccie :)

  4. Hold your horses chaps, not home til Saturday, will post some pics then 😀

  5. Yes Tim was the only one taking pictures that day.
    I will say I was amazed - having never tried before - how effective the yellow traps were.