Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Some nice things and 1252 species

Seen some scarce species over the last few days - Oedostethus quadripustulatus (Click Beetle), 3rd Norfolk record, Hybomitra muehlfeldi (Broadland Horsefly), Elaphria venustula (Rosy Marbled, tiny macro moth), 2nd VC27 record, Trichiosoma lucorum (a spectacular sawfly), Plateumaris braccata (one of Seth's favorites I seem to recall) and Malthinus balteatus, a scarce cantharid beetle. And not only that, I've now passed the 1251 species I recorded doing the 1 km square challenge in 2014.

I will confess that I didn't have much of a clue what I was doing in 2014, it was loads of moths plus vaguely wandering around the square with a camera hoping other people would identify things for me. Tut Tut. So I know a lot more about things that move now. Still don't know much about things that don't have six or eight legs though.

Oedostethus quadripustulatus, click beetle

Trichiosoma lucorum, sawfly

Rosy Marbled, tiny macro moth

And here's the list:

1202 Crossocerus megacephalus Hymenoptera Wasp 17/06/2018
1203 Anthrenus fuscus Coleoptera Dermestidae 17/06/2018
1204 * Palloptera umbellatarum Diptera Pallopteridae 17/06/2018
1205 Tingis ampliata Hemipteroids Creeping Thistle Lacebug 17/06/2018
1206 Cantharis nigra Coleoptera Cantharidae 17/06/2018
1207 * Oedostethus quadripustulatus Coleoptera Elateridae 17/06/2018
1208 Mystacides longicornis RSO Caddis Fly 17/06/2018
1209 Pasiphila rectangulata Lepidoptera:moths Green Pug 17/06/2018
1210 Orthopygia glaucinalis Lepidoptera:moths Double-striped Tabby 17/06/2018
1211 Idaea trigeminata Lepidoptera:moths Treble Brown Spot 17/06/2018
1212 Alcis repandata Lepidoptera:moths Mottled Beauty 17/06/2018
1213 Cydia pomonella Lepidoptera:moths Codling Moth 17/06/2018
1214 Diarsia mendica Lepidoptera:moths Ingrailed Clay 17/06/2018
1215 Melanchra persicariae Lepidoptera:moths Dot Moth 17/06/2018
1216 Paradrina clavipalpis Lepidoptera:moths Pale Mottled Willow 17/06/2018
1217 Elophila nymphaeata Lepidoptera:moths Brown China-mark 17/06/2018
1218 Helcystogramma rufescens Lepidoptera:moths Orange Crest 17/06/2018
1219 Chilo phragmitella Lepidoptera:moths Reed Veneer 17/06/2018
1220 Hydrobius fuscipes Coleoptera Hydrophilidae 17/06/2018
1221 Cheilosia illustrata Diptera Syrphidae 18/06/2018
1222 Rutpela maculata Coleoptera Black-and-yellow Longhorn Beetle 18/06/2018
1223 Netelia cristata Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae 17/06/2018
1224 Aphrophora alni Hemipteroids Alder Spittlebug 18/06/2018
1225 Oplodontha viridula Diptera Common Green Colonel 18/06/2018
1226 Maniola jurtina Lepidoptera:butterflies Meadow Brown 18/06/2018
1227 Orthetrum cancellatum Odonata Black-tailed Skimmer 18/06/2018
1228 Anax imperator Odonata Emperor Dragonfly 18/06/2018
1229 Pseudovadonia livida Coleoptera Fairy-ring Longhorn Beetle 18/06/2018
1230 Tabanus autumnalis Diptera Tabanidae - Large Marsh Horsefly 18/06/2018
1231 Hybomitra muehlfeldi Diptera Broadland Horsefly 18/06/2018
1232 Chiasmia clathrata Lepidoptera:moths Latticed Heath 18/06/2018
1233 Ostrinia nubilalis Lepidoptera:moths European Corn Borer 18/06/2018
1234 Pterophorus pentadactyla Lepidoptera:moths White Plume Moth 18/06/2018
1235 Schoenobius gigantella Lepidoptera:moths Giant Water-veneer 18/06/2018
1236 Mimas tiliae Lepidoptera:moths Lime Hawk-moth 18/06/2018
1237 Hoplodrina alsines Lepidoptera:moths The Uncertain 18/06/2018
1238 Hypomecis punctinalis Lepidoptera:moths Pale Oak Beauty 18/06/2018
1239 Apis mellifera Hymenoptera Honey Bee 18/06/2018
1240 Tinea semifulvella Lepidoptera:moths Fulvous Clothes Moth 18/06/2018
1241 Nemophora degeerella Lepidoptera:moths Yellow-barred Long-horn 18/06/2018
1242 Elaphria venustula Lepidoptera:moths Rosy Marbled 18/06/2018
1243 Trichiosoma lucorum Hymenoptera Symphyta: Cimbicidae 18/06/2018
1244 Microchrysa flavicornis Diptera Green Gem 18/06/2018
1245 Scaeva pyrastri Diptera Syrphidae 19/06/2018
1246 Megachile willughbiella Hymenoptera Willughby's Leafcutter Bee 18/06/2018
1247 Crossocerus capitosus Hymenoptera Wasp 18/06/2018
1248 Isomira murina Coleoptera Tenebriod 19/06/2018
1249 Plateumaris braccata Coleoptera Chrysomelidae 19/06/2018
1250 Leptogaster cylindrica Diptera Striped Slender Robberfly 19/06/2018
1251 Malthinus balteatus Coleoptera Cantharidae 19/06/2018
1252 Malthinus seriepunctatus Coleoptera Cantharidae 19/06/2018


  1. I have no idea how you know about braccata being a fave of mine, I must have mentioned it somewhere, obviously - but when/where!?!?! Hindlegs like John Wayne, as I recall the late Ian Menzies telling me, and it makes those lovely, distinctive holes in Phragmites. Been forever since I last saw one. Ten years, easily.

    Congrats on beating your 1251 species as seen in 2014 (back when you were clearly an inept novice....) I think 2K is well within your reach. Providing you quit this gallavanting 'round the country, that is :D

  2. Congrats, Tim. Still ticking along nicely

  3. Thanks guys. Just getting stuff together for the long drive, leaving early tomorrow and staying at Moffat overnight, should be at Uig about lunchtime I would think. Treat me gently please.

    1. Moffit's a nice little town to spend a quiet evening. Seem to remember having some nice meals there on a bryophyte meeting. See you Friday!