Friday, March 17, 2017

Aberbargoed - Bedwellty Tip

376..Zygiella x-notata (Spider).. from my garden.

377.. Brachyiulus pusillus (Millipede)
Brachyiulus pusillus adult males need to be checked for possible Brachyiulus lusitanus

378..Archiboreoiulus pallidus (Millipede)
Archiboreoiulus pallidus. Going to give these a good look over later for Troglomyces triandrus, a tiny fungus seen as tiny black spots on the mandibles (of males) or antennae (females)

379..Larix kaempferi – Japanese Larch
Larix kaempferi – Japanese Larch

380..Bank Vole (Mammal) first mammal.

381..Auriscalpium vulgare (Fungus)
Auriscalpium vulgare -  
Earpick Fungus
A little closer

382..Salix cinerea – Grey Willow

383..Gerris lacustris (Bug)

384..Anaphalis margaritacea – Pearly Everlasting

385..Trochulus hispidus (Snail)
Trochulus hispidus - Hairy Snail

386..Lepidium didymum – Lesser Swine Cress

387..Megasternum concinnum (Beetle)
Megasternum concinnum

388..Tachyporus pusillus (Beetle)

389..Cotoneaster frigidus (Plant)

390..Cochlicopa lubricella (Snail)


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  2. Info on Troglomyces triandrus found here...

  3. Loving that Auriscalpium vulgare!