Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Skye - brief update

Rapid update only, been out and about but haven't really seen very much that's different. Though I keep shying away from lots of stuff like lichens, bryophytes, algae, beetles etc. Need to pull me finger out! 

Recent additions -

391 - Phytopus avellanae (arachnid - a mite that causes "big bud" on Hazel)

392 - Marsh Thistle (plant)
393 - Entyloma ficariae (fungus on Lesser Celandine)
394 - Uromyces dactylidis (fungus on Lesser Celandine) - Lifer 

395 - Leuctra hippopus (stonefly) - Lifer
396 - Protonemura meyeri (stonefly) - Lifer
397 - Milesina scolopendrii (microfungus on browned parts of Hart's Tongue) - Lifer
398 - Milesina blechni (microfungus on browned parts of Hard-fern) - Lifer

399 - Ganoderma australe (fungus)

Still got masses of stuff in pots including a swanky looking pair of Stenus that I don't have the key for and lots of bryophytes from weeks and weeks and weeks ago. I ought to either bin 'em or do 'em. Can't keep on ignoring them like this haha! Will I really hit 400 without seeing a single bee or Holly Leafminer? Bizarre.


  1. Somebody's had Ellis and Ellis out!

  2. p.s. RES free keys do Stenus. One of 'em's bound to be black kneed Stenus impressus!

  3. Gotta love Ellis & Ellis, though have to double-check wherever you can.