Friday, March 31, 2017

Championship results

Well I was never going to get into the big boys league of 400+ by March but I'm happy I might make the Championship playoffs with 300.

Here's my effort to date

Keith Robson
Waldridge NZ2549 (VC66)


  1. Good effort! Been following your blog, waiting for you to update here. So....400 by end of April? :)

  2. Hopefully Seth, I'm away half of May so need a good list between now and them to keep on track

  3. Great googly moogly - I've just noticed that your last column is 2014. Nice vascular plant and moth totals! I won't get close to either of them. My target for vascular plants is less than you have already :D

  4. Cheers Ali, but take away the moths and flora and there's not much else ;-/ I'm doing this again partly to push myself into diversifying into the other groups