Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dalgety Bay headtorching - the other half

Aside from the moth species covered previously this two hour session produced an equal amount of non-moth species to the list - mostly arachnid, but also the first lacewing of the year.

Harpactea hombergi was a nice find hunting woodlice on a tree trunk, and even nicer it was an adult male (amazingly all potted specimens were identifiable!)

Harpactea hombergi
Also adult male was this nice and huge Amaurobius ferox, which was so big I thought it was a Tegeneria to begin with

Sticking with arachnids there was Xygiella x-notata (ad. f. - several) and a couple of Harvestmen - Mitopus morio and Platybunus triangularis

To round off the evening a lacewing dropped into a mammoth vein-examining process produced Wesmaelius nervosus. This was a most bizarre catch, as while examining an ivy covered tree it actually fell into the net. Some things just want to be counted!

Total session results:

407 Amaurobius ferox A spider
408 Platybunus triangularis A harvestman
409 Mitopus morio A harvestman
410 Harpactea hombergi A spider
411 Zygiella x-notata A spider
412 Limonia nubeculosa A cranefly
413 Wesmaelius nervosus A brown lacewing

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