Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sand Point VC6

List still growing slowly but surely. I got my first Wheatear at last. Highlight so far has been a Scathophagid netted on seaweed that has just been confirmed by Stuart Ball as Scathophaga calida a first for mainland England with the only other records from Isles of Scilly, Glamorgan and Scotland. Another more common lifer came in the form of Nedyus quadrimaculatus with a mating pair on Nettle.

Algae 7
Slime Mould 1
Lichen 47
Fungi 11
Bryophytes 60
Vascular Plants 78
Cnidarians 1
Molluscs 6
Arachnids 1
Springtails 2
Hymenoptera 2
Coleoptera 5
Diptera 15
Moths 1
Birds 41
Mammals 4
Others 1
Total 283

Scathophaga calida

Nedya quadrimaculata

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