Monday, March 27, 2017

NT1582, Dalgety Bay - Surf and surf

Green Shore Crab ... Green Shore Crab ... Green Shore  ... wait! Not Green Shore Crab!

Edible Shore Crab. An amuse-bouche in this case

 A beautiful morning on Saturday and another combo of crab & fish amongst a handful of additions


Busy times yesterday meant no additions, not even to stock

390 Lipophrys pholis Shanny
391 Cancer pagurus Edible crab
392 Veronica filiformis Slender Speedwell
393 Idotea granulosa A marine isopod
394 Lanice conchilega Sand Mason

Chiffchaffs all over the shop this morning so hopefully pick one up on the patch at lunchtime.


  1. I live in hope of a Shanny over here. C'mon, hit the 400 before end of March!

  2. I really wish my square was near the coast. A lot of what you and Seth are finding will be new for me. :)