Sunday, March 19, 2017

Here are the scores for County Durham

Yes attempting this again but why,  I've no idea.
Anyway after what appears to be another  slow start,  here are the scores on the doors for NZ2549 - County Durham. I really need the temperatures up,  not just for the species count but for my old bones too.

The best was just the other day when a small white Acleris moth in the garden trap turned out after  its bits were examined by the county recorder as A.logiana and the first for County Durham (VC66).  I've found firsts for the county in the way of birds and flora but after all these years moth trapping this is my first moth.

Here she is (its a girl) A. logiana
 aka Black-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth or Grey Birch Button

So, I'm on 231 at the moment. This time last time it was only 190 but doing the same square will have the great advantage that I know where a lot of the flora, bryophytes etc are which should give me more time to spend on the family groups I'm rubbish at, ie nearly all of them.
Here's the breakdown

Keith Robson
Waldridge NZ2549 (VC66)


  1. Welcome aboard, Keith! How did you fare last time, did you get the 1000? You gunning for it this time?

  2. Doh! Just seen the bottom of your table...brilliant!

  3. Well done on the moth, cracking little thing.

    Welcome. :)