Friday, March 10, 2017

Sand Point, VC6

Having a good kick around the patch this week mainly hoping to bump into an early Wheatear but it wasn't to be. I did find a new site record of Entodon concinnus which was the highlight of the week. Patch total for the year is 156 so a long way off the top of the leader board. Will try and keep the tally going and see how I get on. Highlights so far:

Lichen 16
Fungi 4
Bryophytes 50
Plants 44
Diptera 3
Birds 30

Entodon concinnus


  1. Wouldn't worry about leaderboard. I'm "competing" only against a number, a square and the clock!

  2. Welcome to the fun Pabs! I'll whack you up on the scoreboard anyway, what's your name or will Pabs suffice? Also, you say 156 for the patch but the numbers above add up to 147, I'll put 147 for now? Many a snooker player has been thrilled with that number break! :)

  3. Hi Seth, it's Paul Bowyer. Yes I was just being lazy and put the sizeable numbers up. The others were made up of singles such as Tardigrade, 1 hymenoptera, 3 mammals, 1 springtail, 1 slime mould, 1 mollusc, 2 algae. I'll put the whole lot up next time.

  4. You have a tardigrade? I hate you already, lol. Good to have you on here!