Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dalgety Bay, Fife - 140

Investigated a new piece of territory today by way of Ross Plantation. This is a nice wet woodland with alders and a lot of Rhodedendron (boo!) which has a nice burn (Scots for brook/stream) running through it before becoming marshy boggy bulrushy loveliness. A nice change of pace from last year where fresh water was at a premium.

Should be over 150 by end of play today once I've named a few bits and pieces from pots and boxes.Starting to look semi-respectable with a target of 250 by end January

Ross Plantation - woodland west of the bay


  1. You need to get out in a boat, see what's in that bay. Must be nearly 50% water in your square! Any very shallow water trawlers you can jump? :) Knowing you, you'll be pushing 333 by end of the month.

  2. At low tide almost my whole square is dry! At high tide maybe 40% Last year someone had starry smoothhound from the shore. I think a beachcaster's what I need