Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dalgety Bay - last orders!

1.5 days to go until January closes and 333 is definitely doable!

 A somewhat disappointing night at the microscope revealed lots of duplication but some headway was made during the whole of yesterday. An empty moth trap (no by-catch) edged the chances further away. This morning it was 14 species to go in two days ("far from impossible").

Lunchtime was very kind with a good variety of lichen and fungus ID'd in the field and taken for this evening's edutainment

One of the things I experienced yesterday was that whereas last year I could turn over most logs and stones on my square in a lunchtime, and I knew where they were, this square has a much greater collection of deadwood and stones both and so there's no way I can cover them all, even in one woodland. Bodes well for the rest of the year. (edit: this continues as fallen and damp deadwood produces the goods with a smorgasbord of fungi - I've reached last year's June total)

Eutypella scoparia

310 flowering plant Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle
311 crustacean Philoscia muscorum Common Striped Woodlouse
312 fungus Tubaria furfuracea A mushroom
313 spider Kaestneria pullata A linyphiid spider
314 flowering plant Viola riviniana Common Dog-violet
315 millipede Brachysdesmus superus A millipede
316 fungus Exidia glandulosa A fungus
317 fungus Eutypella scoparia A fungus
318 fungus Hypoxylon multiforme A fungus
319 lichen Lecidella elaeochroma A lichen
320 lichen Rhizocarpon geographicum A lichen
321 lichen Lepraria incana A lichen
322 fungus Bisporella citrina Lemon Disco
323 fungus Eutypa maura A fungus
324 fungus Byssomerulius corium Netted Crust
325 lichen Arthonia radiata A lichen

Addendum - best birds seen from bedroom window -
Little Green Bee-eater - Dubai
Pied and Pygmy Kingfishers - Pretoria
Laughing Dove, Alpine Swift, ST. Eagle - Istanbul
Stork nest on roof - Poland (noisy!)
Waxwings - Scotland (well, why not)


  1. Very nice, Ali. Reminds me of opening my front door when I lived near Margate in Kent and an Alpine Swift flew down the road!

    1. Now that would be a big day in Fife. And now I'm thinking about my birdy wishlist for the square this year. Actually if you could have a word with one of those cranes?

  2. I had a pair of Rufous-backed Wrens nesting INSIDE the kitchen (you don't have to go as far as opening doors or windows to see screamingly decent birds in NIcaragua). Then there was the night the Army Ants came in through the back door, it was the first time I realised we had scorpions in the house - we could see them fleeing ahead of the approaching ants. Which was about 30 seconds before we fled too. Luckily they set up camp about 50metres away rather than right next to the house, though the outside toilet always had a few wandering around between your feet...

    1. Oh, and a pair of motmots dug their nest chamber into the side of the house too. Good times!

    2. great googly moogly! I had an auntie who had a lot of frogs once. Not quite the same...