Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Skye - Hello 2018

Yup, I'm here again for another crack at the madness!

I'm going to cheat and simply whack up a link to my own blog, I need to be at work in a few minutes (no rest for the wicked...) but I won't be making a habit of throwing out links in this fashion.

Managed to drum up 171 species on 1st January, nothing particularly unexpected yet, nothing that I didn't record in 2017. But give it time!

Here's a pic of Neobisium carcinoides, found sheltering on the underside of a stone in a wall

ROAAARRRR!!!!!! What a cracking wee beast!
Anyway, read about it on my blog here.

Need some more folks to join up, though! C'mon guys, what you all waiting for? 


  1. Made a breief start on NT1683. I didn't start until mid Jan last year so should be easy to keep up (!) with previous year. Spotted Medick maybe not seen for 80 years in county, a chironomid and a Bledius sp. awaiting determination so I'm not starting easy! That camera is on my acquisition list for early this year and certainly is now. Amazing macro. No blogging until I'm back in the office though. I have a five year old to train as a sniffer dog ...

    1. SO should I list you as Donibristle for this year? Pete's doing two squares, y'know. Not even in the same counties as each other. Not that I'm pressurising you... :) Welcome back, buddy. The TG-5 reviews strongly suggest that it's close-focus/image stacking capabilities are nowhere near as good as the TG-4's, worth bearing in mind maybe. Also, buy via Jessops, seems as cheap as anywhere and they'll throw in a decent SD card too.