Friday, January 26, 2018

My first attempt at using Blogger, don't have much clue, but here goes:

Horsey Corner (TG4523, East Norfolk) is a 1 km square close to the sea to the east and the Norfolk Broads to the west. It's a small hamlet surrounded by agricultural land with typical broadland drainage dykes. Most of the square is part of a large estate which doesn't allow access, so the vast majority of the records in this area come from my garden. My 2018 garden list is currently 221 species, broken down as follows:

Fungi/Lichens 3
Bryophytes 3
Vascular Plants 28
Molluscs 2
Arachnids 23
Myriapods 2
Crustaceans 2
Springtails 3
Insects: Hemipteroids 18
Insects: Coleoptera 42
Insects: Diptera 25
Insects: Moths 4
Insects: RSO 2
Birds 60
Mammals 4
Grand Totals 221


  1. 42 coleoptera! That's a fair old start :)

    1. 25 flies isn't exactly shabby either, seeing as we're still in January...

  2. Hi Ali, yes not too bad, but I've got another 20ish species of aleocharine staphs for which I don't have a key. Hope to do something with them within the next few months...

    1. I know what I would do with them! My low aim would be to beat the appalling tally of last year (57). I imagine you will beat hat before February is out

  3. A good start indeed and its great to have another participant for the challenge.

  4. Oh bugger, Tim's here. We've no chance of keeping up with this guy. Haha, welcome aboard Tim! I fully expect you to manage the 1000 without leaving your garden. Or looking at plants.

  5. Is that you, Pete, or are you a different Pete Forrest? Hello to you too Seth. You might be right....

    1. Hi Tim, yes I am the Pete Forrest ex of Broadstairs but left Kent a few years ago. I hadn't realised you had moved as well. Looks like you have moved to a good area, even with much of the local land being tied up with large private estates.
      Good to have you along for this challenge, but still hoping for someone to join who I can wrestle with for last place! (my excuse at the moment is that I am not using a microscope but I am however considering purchasing one)

    2. I've rented a house on Exmoor in June, Pete. Be great to meet up and have a chat. I'd also love to go over to Eype to look for beetles, perhaps we could do that? Good luck with the microscope purchase, although they do tend to take over your life! Don't do much birding these days, entomology has taken over.