Wednesday, May 23, 2018

500 up at Thorne

Ok only a week or six after the rest of you. However very pleased to have recorded 500 species well before the end of May as last year I was only on 488 at the end of June.

Like the rest of you at the 500 mark, I will give a breakdown by groups as follows;
Plants 186, Bryrophytes 17, Fungi 22, Lichen 28, Annelids 5, Crustacea 5, Spiders 8, Molluscs 19, Odonata 5, Orthoptera 2, Hemiptera 7, Butterflies 11, Moths 51, Coleoptera 14, Hymenoptera 25, Diptera 33, Insects (RSO) 3, Fish 1, Amphibians 2, Birds 50 and Mammals 8. Which gives 502 in total.

Photo wise a shot of a very unexpected record of Green Hairstreak at Thorne a week or so ago.
Unexpected on 2 counts. Having recorded the Butterflies there in 2 previous years with no sign of Green Hairstreak anywhere in the local area for 1 to just appear was a surprise and even more surprising, what was it doing in a garden sat quietly on some Cat-mint?!


  1. Hey - well done, Pete! You're well ahead of last year's pace, that's an excellent jump to the halfway stage. You're whupping me on the hymenoptera, odonata, butterfly, orthoptera totals though I did record a second species (ever!) of odonata in my square just yesterday. Congrats again, buddy.

  2. A 25% gain's not to be sniffed at! Neither is that butterfly - fantastic

  3. Well done Pete, great stuff. And amazingly it's only just over a couple of weeks until we meet up at Eype, have you had any thoughts on a plan for the day?