Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dalgety Bay

A mixture of interesting things keeping things ticking along, including another new county calliphorid in Melinda viridicyanea. Since the moth trap's getting precious little I had to go out and find some in the bushes...

Acrobasis advenella

Green-brindled Crescent

Most amazing to me is that I've recorded 78 additional species of fly in May. Last year I had recorded total 86 by end of June. I'll almost certainly pass last year's year total of 161 in June.

Looking forward to Skye trip now and thinking we need to firm up some plans. Contemplating heading up Thursday night to make the most of it.

850 * diptera Limnophora olympiae A muscid fly
851 lep-moth Eupithecia assimilata Currant Pug
852 mollusc Cepaea hortensis White-lipped Snail
853 diptera Episyrphus balteatus Syrphidae
854 * aphid Eriosoma ulmi Elm-currant Aphid
855 * diptera Calliphora loewi A blow fly
856 diptera Coenosia tigrina Muscidae
857 spider Araniella cucurbitana A spider
858 * flowering plant Veronica arvensis Wall Speedwell
859 * diptera Melinda viridicyanea A blow fly
860 * spider Neottiura bimaculata A spider
861 lep-moth Allophyes oxyacanthae Green-brindled Crescent
862 * lep-moth Acrobasis advenella A micro moth


  1. Nice. Hope to see some the of range restricted Calliphoridae (and other genera) on Skye.

    1. Calliphora uralensis would be nice. I'm hoping to run a bottle trap, or at least to put out some bait for the necrophilous flies.

  2. There's a uralensis-shaped hole in the fly fauna up here. Murdo (dipterist at the HBRG) feels it really ought to be here seeing as there are records from relatively close by. All I ever get are vomitoria and a few vicina. Plus a subalpina last week. Rocks at the top of the beach should be the best bet for uralensis, maybe it's just waiting for you to get here? :)