Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The sun put it's hat on...

Well, after the deluge the sun made an appearance today, and there were things to be seen! Three Whinchats (and 7 Wheatears) constituted a fall here, a Painted Lady, the first damsel of the year, a Lizard, a Fox, another Fannia, several other diptera, a couple of bugs. Lovely! 25 year ticks in one day. There is an almost complete dearth of moths, however, only 5 came to my trap last night which is pretty appalling for May 1st. If they were to pick up in numbers and variety I would go for 1000 species by the end of May, but I fear that's probably too optimistic, perhaps 900 is more realistic. Anyway, here's what Cymus melanocephalus looks like:

677 Saxicola rubetra Birds Whinchat 01/05/2018
678 Vulpes vulpes Mammals Red Fox 01/05/2018
679 Columba livia Birds Feral Pigeon 01/05/2018
680 Coreus marginatus Hemipteroids Dock Bug 01/05/2018
681 Pyrrhosoma nymphula Odonata Large Red Damselfly 01/05/2018
682 Helophilus pendulus Diptera Syrphidae 01/05/2018
683 Rhingia campestris Diptera Syrphidae 01/05/2018
684 Pararge aegeria Lepidoptera:butterflies Speckled Wood 01/05/2018
685 Cymus melanocephalus Hemipteroids Lygaeidae 01/05/2018
686 Bibio anglicus Diptera Bibionidae 01/05/2018
687 Eristalis arbustorum Diptera Syrphidae 01/05/2018
688 Zootoca vivipara Reptiles Common Lizard 01/05/2018
689 Bibio marci Diptera Bibionidae 01/05/2018
690 Anthomyia pluvialis Diptera Anthomyiidae 01/05/2018
691 Calystegia sepium Vascular Plants Hedge Bindweed 01/05/2018
692 Fannia serena Diptera Fanniidae 01/05/2018
693 Anthocharis cardamines Lepidoptera:butterflies Orange-tip 01/05/2018
694 Vanessa cardui Lepidoptera:butterflies Painted Lady 01/05/2018
695 Neoascia podagrica Diptera Syrphidae 01/05/2018
696 Phryxe nemea Diptera Tachinidae 01/05/2018
697 * Hydrophoria ruralis Diptera Anthomyiidae 01/05/2018
698 * Eristalis horticola Diptera Syrphidae 01/05/2018
699 Limonia nubeculosa Diptera Cranefly 01/05/2018
700 Nebria salina Coleoptera Carabidae 01/05/2018
701 Neomyia viridescens Diptera Muscidae 01/05/2018


  1. "first" damsel. Ahahahahahaha. I think me and Seth may have recorded 1 Odonata between us last year. And he beat me by one! I do have some fresh water this year so I remain optimistic that I might get one or two. A fantastic day for sure.

  2. Yes, Common Hawker. But I've since discovered the Sphagnum bog so am hopeful for at least one damsel and maybe even a second dragon. Whoop whoop!

  3. Just trying (and failing) to recall the last time I saw an Orange-tip. Early 2016 I guess? Or was it summer of 2015? Sheesh, a long while back anyways. Congrats on the 700, Tim. I would say that you'll soon be 3/4 of the way there, but we all know you're not stopping at the 1K. Not unless you quit before July!