Monday, May 14, 2018

Dalgety Bay - making hay

Monday morning always means a quick attempt to gather together all the weekend's pictures and info because I stay resolutely off-PC all weekend (I already spend far too long staring at a screen). This weekend what would have been big gains (but now constitutes pedestrian plodding - thanks, Tim! ;)) made it all the more likely that I'll reach 800 by month end. Plenty happy with that. Highlight for me was Pipiza luteitarsis hand-caught in the garden, followed by another. A peek at the distribution in the hovers handbook will show that the local distribution is very limited, though there are now three squares in the county since a friend of mine photographed another in the next square last week. This is my 2nd new hover this year and number 84 for my county list (county total c.120)

There's been very limited moth action because of cold nights presumably, but I'm fine with that if things keep going this way. I've passed last year's June total for flies.

I have a collection of nice but more difficult calypterate flies that I'm going to turn my attention to now. Not just because I feel bad about backlog but because these are actually the things I was planning to eschew 1k2 to focus on this year! So things could slow down a bit this week. Mind you, the sun's still shining like crazy so you know what they say. Making hay and all that ...

724 coleoptera Dalopius marginatus A Click Beetle
725 * diptera Symplecta sticta A crane fly
726 * hemiptera Lygus pratensis A bug
727 hymenoptera Andrena helvola Coppice mining bee
728 * diptera Pipiza luteistarsis A hover fly
729 diptera Baccha elongata  Syrphidae
730 flowering plant Allium scorodoprasum Sand Leek
731 fungus Puccinia porri  Leek Rust
732 diptera Rhingia campestris A hover fly
733 flowering plant Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail
734 flowering plant Claytonia sibirica Pink Purslane
735 flowering plant Veronica hederifolia Ivy-leaved Speedwell
736 spider Microlinyphia pusilla A spider
737 * diptera Scathophagida calida A dung fly
738 * diptera Scathophagida suilla A dung fly
739 lep-moth Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix
740 lep-moth Selenia dentaria Early Thorn
741 diptera Dolichopus ungulatus Dolichopodidae
diptera Suillia variegata Heleomyzidae

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