Monday, May 21, 2018

Dalgety Bay - 800 up

Another sunny weekend of barbecue and beer didn't get in the way of some very productive solo walks and so 10 days early here we are over the 800 line. If it goes like this the end of May could see 850 which would be a "beyond wildest dreams" scenario. This small area is just uber-productive and the moth trap has finally managed to score up some notches of its own.

Best of the weekend isn't featured here, but is the county first and county third (NBN, usual caveats apply) Limnophora olympiae, which I'll post a link to here when it's up on my fly blog

Tipula oleracea emerged in abundance

Trichosirocalus troglodytes on Ribwort Plantain

Ubiquitous in England and Wales they say

Garden first Pebble Prominent

Adela reamurella, apparently new to me, which is a surprise
771 diptera Phaonia populi A muscid fly
772 diptera Tephritis hyoscyami Tephritidae
773 fungus Calocybe gambosa St.George's Mushroom
774 * spider Tetrix denticulata A spider
775 coleoptera Trichosirocalus troglodytes A weevil
776 diptera Cynomya mortuorum A blow fly
777 diptera Tipula oleracea Tipuloidea
778 diptera Xylota segnis Syrphidae
779 flowering plant Festuca ovina Sheep's Fescue
780 flowering plant Lotus corniculatus Common Bird's-foot-trefoil
781 flowering plant Ornithogalum angustifolium Star-of-Bethlehem
782 flowering plant Rosa rugosa Japanese Rose
783 flowering plant Salix caprea Goat Willow
784 flowering plant Atriplex prostrata Spear-leaved Orache
785 lep-moth Aphomia sociella Bee Moth
786 lep-moth Epermenia chaerophyllella A micro moth
787 lep-moth Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth
788 lep-moth Hadena bicruris Lychnis
789 lep-moth Lomographa temerata Clouded Silver
790 lep-moth Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent
791 lep-moth Perizoma affinitata Rivulet
792 * diptera Limnophila olympiae A muscid fly
793 diptera Phaonia palpata A muscid fly
794 * flowering plant Alopecurus pratensis Meadow Foxtail
795 flowering plant Arrhenatherum elatius False Oat-grass
796 flowering plant Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling
797 flowering plant Luzula major Great Wood-rush
798 flowering plant Meconopsis cambrica Welsh Poppy
799 * lep-moth Adela reamurella A micro moth
800 flowering plant Epilobium hirsutum Great Willowherb
801 flowering plant Tanacetum vulgare Tansy


  1. Excellent stuff, Ali, you're certainly keeping the pace up. I see you've also just recorded Cynomya mortuorum, one of my favorite flies.

    1. Mine too - it was off a dead Guillemot from the Beast! Also one of two species that I've recurated at NMS, so I've handled specimens from some of the big names - Percy Grimshaw, Eagle Clark, Pelham Clinton, Malloch. Cracking fly in its own right too. Not as pretty as the Euleia heracleii I just found at lunchtime mind you!

  2. Well done on the 800 and it looks like I will have to examine Ribwort Plantain in more detail to see T. troglodytes as an easy (?!) addition to my meagre Coleoptera list.