Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Black and blue

Been away a bit recently, but a reasonable moth night on May 21st raises hopes that things on that front may start improving soon. A bit of colour in the garden this afternoon.

Wasp Beetle in garden

Azure Damselfly in garden
911 Rhopalus subrufus Hemipteroids Rhopalid Bug 21/05/2018
912 Setisquamalonchaea fumosa Diptera Lonchaeidae 21/05/2018
913 Necrodes littoralis Coleoptera Shore Sexton Beetle 21/05/2018
914 Colostygia pectinataria Lepidoptera:moths Green Carpet 21/05/2018
915 Opisthograptis luteolata Lepidoptera:moths Brimstone Moth 21/05/2018
916 Apamea sordens Lepidoptera:moths Rustic Shoulder-knot 21/05/2018
917 Agrotis exclamationis Lepidoptera:moths Heart and Dart 21/05/2018
918 Xestia c-nigrum Lepidoptera:moths Setaceous Hebrew Character 21/05/2018
919 Ochropleura plecta Lepidoptera:moths Flame Shoulder 21/05/2018
920 Mythimna flammea Lepidoptera:moths Flame Wainscot 21/05/2018
921 Phalera bucephala Lepidoptera:moths Buff-tip 21/05/2018
922 Plutella xylostella Lepidoptera:moths Diamond-backed Moth 21/05/2018
923 Eupithecia assimilata Lepidoptera:moths Currant Pug 21/05/2018
924 Apamea crenata Lepidoptera:moths Clouded-bordered Brindle 21/05/2018
925 Acasis viretata Lepidoptera:moths Yellow-barred Brindle 22/05/2018
926 Clytus arietis Coleoptera Wasp Beetle 23/05/2018
927 Coenagrion puella Odonata Azure Damselfly 23/05/2018


  1. More synchronicity, with the first wasp beetle at Thorne also seen today.
    You are still looking good for 1000 before end of May/early June.

  2. Wasp beetle is a stunner. I've had pretty much empty moth traps on all but one night for about two weeks! Too much clear skies and easterly breezes