Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Sevens

So I didn't managed to seriously jinx the final reach out to 700. Most of what I had was new too, so that was nice but time consuming.

Another seriously weird Linyphiid spider, Hypomma bituberculatum, with its weird head. Reminds me of a science fiction movie. You have to suspect it has some sort of psi powers with that head! I thought I'd seen it before but I don't have any record of it if so.

696 coleoptera Pterostichus madidus A ground beetle
697 * diptera Rhamphomyia longipes An Empid fly
698 diptera Dilophus febrilis Bibinoidae
699 * diptera Syntormon denticulatum A long-legged fly
700 * spider Hypomma bituberculatum A Linyphiid spider
701 * diptera Scathophaga litorea A Scathophagid fly

Psi power. Circle, square, triangle, wave...


  1. Hypomma bituberculatum, also known as the Marsh Knob-head spider, an excellent little chap. I see you've started getting Dollies, I did see one a week or two ago but it seems to have gone quiet on them, hopefully they'll start in earnest soon. Well done on the 700.

    1. Got to love the Dollies. Everything's kicking off. No way I'll keep up with ID on what I can catch any more!