Thursday, May 3, 2018

Now its an Hemiptera thing

Well done to you all on your scores for Aprils end. Very impressive.

I am clearly just 'competing' with myself - that is, comparing my numbers for this year with last year. And with this I have to be very satisfied, last year at the end of April I had recorded 285 species while this year I have recorded 362 species.

Hemiptera wise; a photo of Dock Bug taken at Thorne earlier today.


  1. Excellent result, buddy! That's way ahead of last year's growth rate, carry on like that and 1000 is definitely on the cards. I never really used to appreciate Dock Bugs, but I haven't seen one for a couple of years now. They really are quite an impressive species!

  2. Good stuff, Pete, looking forward to seeing you in June, it's creeping up on us now. Saw my first Dock Bug a couple of days ago, it appears there's some synchronicity between our sites.

  3. That's a great leap forward. Pretty sure I'm not going to be seeing any dock bugs...