Friday, May 11, 2018

Deer prudence

There are 4 species of deer in the square, but all seem to be increasing rapidly, with 30+ Red Deer being very conspicuous at the moment. I nearly hit a red deer calf the other day, and the flock often graze close to the local roads at night so you have to be very careful driving through the area. A mate of mine had his car written off a couple of years ago by a red deer which went through his drivers side window. He was lucky to be only slightly injured.

Still lots happening, as per the list and photos.

Eyed Ladybird, new for square

Cheilosia albitarsus, new for square

Lucilia illustris, lifer and new for sqaure

Microchrysa polita, common but nice to see first for year

Nicrophorus vespillo, lifer and new for square

784 Charadrius hiaticula Birds Ringed Plover 08/05/2018
785 Sphaerophoria scripta Diptera Syrphidae 08/05/2018
786 Tringa nebularia Birds Greenshank 08/05/2018
787 Cameraria ohridella Lepidoptera:moths Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner 08/05/2018
788 Epiphyas postvittana Lepidoptera:moths Light Brown Apple Moth 08/05/2018
789 Menophra abruptaria Lepidoptera:moths Waved Umber 08/05/2018
790 Glyphotaelius pellucidus RSO Caddis Fly 08/05/2018
791 Psammoecus bipunctatus Coleoptera Sylvanidae 08/05/2018
792 Metrioptera roeselii Orthopteroids Roesel's Bush-cricket 08/05/2018
793 Leiosoma deflexum Coleoptera Curculionidae 08/05/2018
794 Melolontha melolontha Coleoptera Cockchafer 08/05/2018
795 Eupithecia pulchellata Lepidoptera:moths Foxglove Pug 08/05/2018
796 Pseudoswammerdamia combinella Lepidoptera:moths   08/05/2018
797 Shargacucullia verbasci Lepidoptera:moths The Mullein 08/05/2018
798 Lomographa bimaculata Lepidoptera:moths White-pinion Spotted 08/05/2018
799 Notodonta dromedarius Lepidoptera:moths Iron Prominent 08/05/2018
800 Tipula vernalis Diptera Tipulidae - Craneflies 08/05/2018
801 Rhinoncus pericarpius Coleoptera Weevil 08/05/2018
802 Phyllobius roboretanus Coleoptera Small Green Nettle Weevil 08/05/2018
803 Stenus aceris Coleoptera Staph. 08/05/2018
804 Coleophora serratella Lepidoptera:moths Occupied case 08/05/2018
805 Symphytum orientale Vascular Plants White Comfrey 08/05/2018
806 * Kaestneria dorsalis Arachnids Linyphiidae 07/05/2018
807 Oedothorax fuscus Arachnids Linyphiidae 07/05/2018
808 * Calamoncosis aprica Diptera Chloropidae 07/05/2018
809 Rhantus suturalis Coleoptera Dytiscidae 08/05/2018
810 Harpalus affinis Coleoptera Carabidae 08/05/2018
811 Harpalus rufipes Coleoptera Carabidae 08/05/2018
812 Limnephilus binotatus RSO Caddis Fly 08/05/2018
813 Grammotaulius nigropunctatus RSO Caddis Fly 08/05/2018
814 Ophion minutus Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae 08/05/2018
815 Rhamphomyia barbata Diptera Empididae 08/05/2018
816 Phyllobius pomaceus Coleoptera Curculonidae 11/05/2018
817 Leucozona lucorum Diptera Syrphidae 11/05/2018
818 Microchrysa polita Diptera Black-horned Gem 11/05/2018
819 Cheilosia albitarsis Diptera Syrphidae 11/05/2018
820 Anthophila fabriciana Lepidoptera:moths Nettle-tap 11/05/2018
821 Anatis ocellata Coleoptera Eyed Ladybird 11/05/2018
822 * Nicrophorus vespillo Coleoptera Nicrophorus 11/05/2018
823 Lysimachia punctata Vascular Plants Dotted Loosestrife 11/05/2018
824 Polygonum aviculare Vascular Plants Knotgrass 11/05/2018
825 Veronica serpyllifolia Vascular Plants Thyme-leaved Speedwell 11/05/2018
826 * Lucilia illustris Diptera Calliphoridae 11/05/2018


  1. I can't compete with your knowledge of inverts, but pretty sure I'm alright on my mammal knowledge. Flock of deer?? Deer calf??? Ha, stick to stuff with 6 legs and you'll do just fine ;)

  2. Well, they've all got four legs and are stupid. All you need to know really...

  3. A bush cricket. A creature of legend only around these parts :D Mind you last year I never saw a grasshopper!