Monday, May 21, 2018

Dog day afternoon

Pleased to get Cynomya mortuorum in the garden this afternoon, haven't seen many round here and this is the first for the garden. The longhorn beetle Tetrops praeustus is fairly common in Norfolk, but I don't think you get it in Scotland? A few other bits included Royal Fern along one of my brackish dykes. It's fairly common in the sand dunes and willows along the coastal strip, but I wasn't really expecting it in the square. A Reed Warbler was in the garden this morning.

Dog fly of the dead

Tetrops praeustus
894 Eupeodes latifasciatus Diptera Syrphidae 18/05/2018
895 Salticus scenicus Arachnids Salticidae 18/05/2018
896 Evergestis forficalis Lepidoptera:moths Garden Pebble 19/05/2018
897 Lacanobia thalassina Lepidoptera:moths Pale-shouldered Brocade 19/05/2018
898 * Fannia similis Diptera Fanniidae 20/05/2018
899 Dolichopus plumipes Diptera Dolichopodidae 20/05/2018
900 Festuca arundinacea Vascular Plants Tall Fescue 20/05/2018
901 Tachycixius pilosus Hemipteroids Lacehopper 20/05/2018
902 Dilophus femoratus Diptera Bibionidae 20/05/2018
903 Osmunda regalis Vascular Plants Royal Fern 21/05/2018
904 Acrocephalus scirpaceus Birds Reed Warbler 21/05/2018
905 Leptophyes punctatissima Orthopteroids Speckled Bush-cricket 21/05/2018
906 Ectemnius continuus Hymenoptera Crabronidae 21/05/2018
907 Amara plebeja Coleoptera Carabidae 21/05/2018
908 Tropidia scita Diptera Syrphidae 21/05/2018
909 Tetrops praeustus Coleoptera Plum Longhorn Beetle 21/05/2018
910 Cynomya mortuorum Diptera Calliphoridae 21/05/2018


  1. If I get any sort of longhorn in my square I'll be pretty chuffed! I've seen one in Fife. And I mean one beetle, not one species.

  2. Oh, congrats on the 9 of course!