Saturday, February 23, 2013

5 minutes in the field

Had the chance for a bit of fieldwork this afternoon and fancied looking for some beetles in my square. Started by spending a few minutes in the garden sieving a few handfuls out of our compost heap. Two hours later I'd identified everything and my time was up. I'd normally rather spend more time outdoors and less time at the microscope but on a cold February afternoon, it wasn't such a bad way to spend my time. Total now up to 146.

Common Rough Woodlouse Porcellio scaber

Added these beetles:
Tachyporus dispar
Tachyporus hypnorum
Ptenidium pusillum
Tachinus subterraneus
Cercyon analis
Proteinus brachypterus
1 female re-determined as P. ovalis 13th March 2013
Atheta harwoodi
- only my 3rd record
Mocyta fungi

14-spot Ladybird Propylea quattuordecimpunctata

And two bugs:
Scolopostethus affinis
Dicyphus stachydis

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  1. Lets hope you never make it as far as across the street else you'll soon be in the lead ;)