Monday, February 11, 2013

Guernsey - ID help needed!

In a break in the rain yesterday I went for a forage down the lanes and came back with the above smorgasboard of delights to sort through. I had some great ID successes but there are a few to get advice about.

Firstly, I remember Seth eulogising about globular springtails earlier, and I picked one up under a log. From looking at this pic I would pick out saundersi as the most likely. Would you good people agree?

To continue the snail theme. This one below really did smell of garlic and was quite small so I have it down as Oxychilus alliarus.

Found a fungi-covered pine stump and I have really no knowledge of fungi apart from a few obvious stuff. So I have a orangey-jelly thing and another one which seems to have a distinctive powdery and crinkly cap which someone may recognise:

One thing that I did not have trouble ID'ing was the superb Firebug which is a local speciality and quite common here, but it was a surprise to find it out so early.


  1. Yellow one looks like a Tremella species? And for the brackets, always see if you can get a decent photo of the underside too which can help. A bit, anyway...

    I seriously need to start looking at springtails, globular or otherwise.

  2. First of the fungi looks possibly like Yellow Brain Fungus or Witches’ Butter (Tremella mesenterica) although not a species I've come across this year .... yet. I'm afraid the bracket fungus on pine has got me well and truly er .... stumped! Have been looking at pics on these two websites: and if any use ......