Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SX9192 - Hello

Hi, bit late to the party, but the wife and I will be working this square:-


Its a bit urban for my liking, but there are some fragments of wild habitat and over the years there has been some interesting wildlife through the square.. I haven't seen the local peregrines since I decided to embark on this challenge though!

Expect spiders :)

Matt (Prince) and Nicola (Bacciu)


  1. And I hoped I'd at least get the best total for Devon by default!

  2. Well I reckon your still in a good position Rich. Thats one hell of a square you have there.. And I reckon youll get a better class of vagrant in your moth trap!

    Shout if you want any arachnid or lichen help.. always happy to muck in.

  3. The square may be good but I fear that knowledge may be the limiting factor. Thanks for the offers of help. I can only really offer help with woodlice. I also have the luxury of Pete Smithers on the floor below so spiders should be sorted. May take you up on the lichens though!