Saturday, February 16, 2013

TG2507 - a few fungus additions

16th February 2013

During the week the county lichen recorder kindly put me out of my misery by identifying the lichen that was annoying me most (I had got it down to a Lecanora sp, it turned out to be Lecanora albescens). Today I photographed at least five more to work through at my leisure and added three fungi, Lumpy Bracket (Trametes gibbosa, pictured below), Peniophora quercina and Exidia glandulosa. Some Snowdrops and some distinctive leaves of Dovesfoot Cranesbill took me up to 94 species. By the way has anyone counted naturalised Buddleia? No new birds today, but two Nuthatches and a Green Woodpecker backed up the heard-only sightings last week

Lumpy Bracket


  1. Naturalised Buddelia sounds fine to me. I'm not sure what to do about all these daffodils though? Looks like most are apparently hybrids?

  2. Excellent, that's me up to 95 (plus several lichens still to do) then. I'm not sure about Daffodils, do you know what it says about them in the Flora of Norfolk? I have a copy I can dig out and check if you don't...

  3. Yes, I've got it. I think most daffodils are cultivated hybrids. Stace has some details, but I'm going to wait for some to come into flower at least.