Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two more...

Primrose finally coming out into flower, although still only 2 degrees today. Also, finally found some "wild" Winter Aconite - they'd crept onto Shotesham Common at least 10 metres from the nearest garden, so clearly as wild as wild can be. Hmm, anyway, another one for the total.

Did find a new genus for me today also - a flat-backed millipede of the genus Polydesmus but I can't get it any further which is a bit frustrating. Also frustrating were the 2 Roe Deer frolicking in a field about 200 metres south of the square border.

I seem to be mostly up to date on my "pots" now, except for one "staph" beetle and some lichens. Both seem equally scary. Perhaps they can wait a bit longer... 214 the score. Come on spring!

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