Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Australia - not all doom and glume

Went to a grass ID course today and learnt how to find and name the bits on grasses that I'd vaguely heard of but had no idea how to locate.  This will hopefully reap substantial dividends, especially now my dissecting microscope has arrived!

Quite a few new plants in the past few days, with grasses including Axonopus compressus, Eragrostis tenuifolia, Chloris gayana, Melinis repens, Megathyrsus maximus and Setaria pumila. For once, there's also a good book so I'll hopefully be able to slowly work through most of the local species during the year.

Scored a cracking Plumbago Blue butterfly today, and had a whacky hairy caterpillar of as yet unknown identity.

Taxon Count
Amphibian 1
Ant 1
Beetle 2
Bird 33
Bug 1
Butterfly 9
Cockroach 1
Dragonfly 1
Earwig 1
Fungus 1
Macro Moth 1
Mammal 4
Plant 60
Reptile 3
Spider 5

Total: 124


  1. "Doom and glume?" Haha, Boom! Boom! Glad they've got a decent guide to SOMETHING out there, lol. Good luck with the moths...

  2. Just bought a 12V moth trap so will try it out over the next few nights to see what's about...