Monday, February 18, 2013

The stuff of nightmares

At least it was for the intern student we have who I was told was getting quite adept at Collembola ID. She did agree however that Protophorura armata (the white ones) and Hypogastrura purpurescens (the tiny purple ones) were reasonable IDs.

Finally managed to be happy with Aegopinella nitidula (Snail) after lots of inconclusive attempts on what were probably small or juvenile snails. Add to that a pair of Mistle Thrush and some Lesser Periwinkle and the total is 136.

I had been hoping that the only bit of woodland in my square might be quite productive but it is not really proving that way and as I discovered last night, it was planted only a little over 100 years ago.

Below is a view that takes in most of the square with the wooded valley to the right (not extending to the sea), arable fields and the village.

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