Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shotesham TM2499

Bit quiet here today, too cold. After notching up March Moth and Spring Usher in the trap last night, the best I could do today was to notice the shoots of Ground Elder poking up around the garden. I did look at three spiders I had in the queue though. One from last week is definitely Zygiella x-notata and another is Amaurobius sp. but I can't fully confirm to species. The third is Lycosidae but I haven't got any further than that yet, but haven't given up yet.

Here's the Spring Usher and another in my collection of lichen photos. I do now own a lichen book, I just haven't put it to practical use yet. Bit scared to be honest...


  1. Enjoyed browsing your blog, Seth.
    Here's to another successful year.

  2. Hiya Peter, thanks mate. I'll be expecting to hear from you in about 6 weeks time when you start seeing those Large Torts again!!! Purple Hairstreak egg and a single Red Admiral are all I've seen thus far. Things can only improve, lol. :D