Sunday, March 3, 2013

Australia - moths keep the list moving

Relatively slow progress here in Brisbane, with torrential monsoonal rain over the past week, and rather few new "easy" plants coming into flower. Will have to start getting to grips with grasses and trees more seriously. But for now, running the 12V moth trap every other night is bringing in a few bits and pieces. So far I'm only attempting to identify the more obvious looking species until I get more proficient. Rain has spurred the local Striped Marsh Frog Limnodynastes peronii population into action.

Epicoma protrahens
Not had time to research this one yet
Grammodes justa, a Catocaline Noctuid

Grammodes justa
Spodoptera litura
Australian Giant Grasshopper Valanga irregularis

Current total:181 species

Type Count
Amphibian 2
Ant 1
Beetle 6
Bird 43
Bug 3
Butterfly 10
Cockroach 2
Dragonfly 1
Earwig 1
Fly 1
Fungus 1
Grasshopper 2
Macro Moth 12
Mammal 4
Micro Moth 9
Plant 72
Reptile 3
Spider 8

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  1. Maybe Eublemma cochylioides?