Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guernsey Snowmageddon!

Almost unprecedented conditions here on the island. Not since 1979 has there been such weather apparently. Monday afternoon was real blizzard conditions and I've not been at work since I was sent home Monday morning. One of the houses across the road had a tree fall on it.

After the wind calmed down yesterday afternoon I put on my wellies for a walk and there had clearly been some arrival of birds as the wintering Redwings and Meadow Pipits had left, but there was suddenly more here. By the school field a Skylark appeared flying low North and then wandering down a lane, I looked up to see a crow bothering a Short-eared Owl high in the sky. What a bonus bird! Never seen an owl in the square in 10 years, and that's 2 species in the last couple of weeks.

Dissected the tortrix moth from the trap at the weekend and discovered it was indeed a female Acleris ferrugana (not a surprise as notana hadn't been recorded since 1898).

So, along with the ID help of my comrades, that makes another 5 species for the list:

251 - Bonfire Moss
252 - Skylark
253 - Short-eared Owl
254 - Cartodere bifasciata (beetle)
255 - Acleris ferrugana (moth)

Took a photo of this fungusy-type-thing under a buttercup leaf the other day. Is it anything in particular you think?


  1. Hiya Mark, first off that's an incredibly neat gen det mate! Secondly, I don't know what ails your buttercup but have a look at Entyloma microsporum which is kind of similar and worth looking out for. I guess Scops Owl will be the next in your square, probably in about 2 weeks time :D

  2. Cheers Seth. The old school moth-dissectors stand aghast when I tell them that after photo'ing them through the microscope I generally wash them down the plughole. "But you should make a permanent slide for reference purposes" they say. And I say "Get with-it grandad. This is the 21st century you know. Now let's go to a rave and smoke some crack...."

    I shall check out your suggested fungi and then go out with a torch to look for Scops. Happy Days!