Friday, March 29, 2013

Bits n Bobs

Looks like things are starting to warm up. The garden pond now defrosts through the day, still no frogs though. Got myself up to 226...Viewed the first 2 from the car on someones garden bird feeder.

201 Garrulus glandarius - Jay
202 Sciurus carolinensis - Squirrel

Another quick nose about behind the local fuel station edgeland. Hoping for Ghost slug which can be found fairly easily here. This cold is probably keeping them underground as i've yet to find any this year. Checked the small water filled ditch for signs of Frog, not a sniff. Did find a few aquatic plants...

203 Plantago major - (Plantain) Found on the "footpath" in.

204 Lemna minor - Duckweed
205 Mentha aquatica - Mint
206 Typha latifolia - Reedmace
207 Iris pseudacorus - Iris
208 Daldinia concentrica - Fungus

209 Ardea cinerea - (Heron) Sitting on a low branch over the river that acts as a boundary for site.

210 Daedaleopsis confragosa - (Fungus) One very slug damaged specimen on decaying Willow.

211 Potentilla sterilis - (Barren Strawberry) Growing in the cracks of the steps of the old building that's still standing.

212 Polypodium interjectum - Fern
213 Conocephalum conicum - Liverwort
214 Heracleum sphondylium - Hogweed

215 Tinea pellionella - (Moth) First moth of the year, found in my mates kitchen...he wasn't to happy when i told him what it was.

216 Periparus ater - (Coal Tit) Several hunting about in the garden hedge.

 A quick visit today to one of the small quarries in the area, regularly nested by Kestrels. Hopefully the rock climbers that has recently rigged this place won't disturb them from nesting this year.


217 Sabacon viscayanum ramblaianum - (Harvestman) This harvestman has to be one of my favorites with those quirky Pedipalps. They seem to favour the more shadier spots. I usually find them under stone or board that's got good contact with bare earth...(photo taken last year)

218 Rubus idaeus - Raspberry
219 Piptoporus betulinus - Fungus

220 Neuroterus quercusbaccarum - (Spangle Gall) Plenty blown under some of the larger stones. First time for me to open one up, contained withing was an adult wasp which did not survive the ordeal.

221 Ribes uva-crispa - Gooseberry
222 Rumex acetosa - Sorrel

223 Cladonia coniocraea - (Lichen) Farily abundant on the fence posts around the perimeter of  quarry.

224 Hypoxylon fuscum - Hazel Woundwort

225 Polydesmus angustus - (Millipede) Adult male found...
226 Melogona scutellaris - (Millipede) Adult female found...


  1. Blimey ... Ghost Slug and Sabacon viscayanum!!! I might have to arrange a visit.

    1. Your more than welcome Mark...someone else has also expressed an interest.

      The slug can also be found a few mile down the road, both sites are very unimpressive though.

  2. Certainly an awesome harvestman... what with the slug and the dilta chateri (probable female still extant but doesn't look as pretty as she did in your photo btw) quite an interesting square!

    If you need any lichen help....

    1. Cheers Matt...I'm still picking up on Lichens, those that grow on trees i've gotten fairly sussed. Getting more confident with Clandonia, the rest i'm fairly useless at, so your offer will be much appreciated here...i just got to keep remembering to look for/at them.

      I'm currently struggling with a Spider, so there may be an id request soon?