Friday, March 29, 2013

Broadholme, Lincolnshire

One hour walk around my square yesterday, Tufted Duck added as a group seen on the only pond. 
The Holly Leaf-miner Phyotmyza ilicis was seen from a single bush, I,m claiming it as it looks recent to me.

Probably need clarification on claiming moth leaf-miners that are now emerging from being bred indoors including Phyllonorycter dubitella a first for me. 
I also add a few more lichens that I have not a clue on their identification.

Total species now 99.


  1. Think I'd count any leafminers bred indoors if they were collected this year, but not if you collected them last year (as you presumably did for dubitella)?

  2. Lichens..
    photo #1 defo physcia adscendens with the 'bonnets' and cilia and the orange is probably xanthoria parietina though the colours are a bit warm
    photo #2 crustose, wouldn't want to id this from photo
    photo #3 crustose and slug grazed.
    photo #4 if the other side of the fronds is strikingly paler then its oak moss, evernia prunastri