Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eaton Bray: up to 164

My first update since 23rd Feb. Keeping up a trickle of new species for the list, including three lifers.
148  Anaspis maculata (beetle). A couple emerged on 4th March from a twig I'd gathered to look at its lichens.
149 & 150 Ran the moth trap over 5th-6th March and caught 1 March Moth and 1 Hebrew Character.

151 Herring Gull flew over on 13th.
152 Arrhenia retiruga. Lifer. A fungus noted on 13th growing on the lawn on ...
153 Calliergonella cuspidata (moss).

Arrhenia retiruga (fungus) on Calliergonella cuspidata (moss)
 154 & 155 Found an Ash key on the front drive with two micro-fungi present: Diaporthe samaricola and Phoma samarum (Lifer).
156 Lamprochernes nodosus (pseudoscorpion) identified from our compost bin (found on 13th). Lifer. I really like pseudoscorpions but always find them a real struggle to key out.
157 Linnets flew over while outside squirrel-proofing the eaves of the house on 18th.
158 A hibernating Alucita hexadactyla (Twenty-plume Moth) found in the loft on 18th while checking what the squirrel's been up to.

A quick walk round the square today (19th March) added:
159 Physcia tenella (lichen)
160 Xanthoriicola physciae (lichenicolous fungus)
161 and 162 Leptosphaeria acuta and Calloria neglecta (micro-fungi on old nettle stems)
163 Colt's-foot in flower
164 Spear Thistle leaves

Leptosphaeria acuta photographed on Epsom Common with Seth on 1st March

Calloria neglecta photographed on Epsom Common with Seth on 1st March

Xanthoriicola physciae on Xanthoria parietina photographed on Epsom Common with Seth on 1st March

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