Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TQ6410: Mollusc update

A couple more slugs and snails to add to the list following some helpful ID's from Chris after the last post ..... plus yesterday morning's early stroll round the square.

This one from Sunday should have been Netted Slug Deroceras reticulatum rather than my Chestnut Slug ID .....  Deroceras invadens
326 - my mystery dark-tentacled slug last Sunday - Hedgehog Slug Arion intermedius (hopefully). It was about 15-16 mm curled up and more like 22-24mm as per this pic ..... 


327 - Draparnaud's Glass Snail  Oxychilus draparnaudi (thanks again to Chris). I found another one yesterday and that wasn't  all  .....

328 - Garlic Snail  Oxychilus alliarius .....  only very small  (approx. 8-10mm) but very, very garlicky. I thought about chucking it in the pasta last night but fear not ..... no snails were cooked or eaten for the purpose of this blog.
And now for something completely different .....
329 - Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiacus 
While out on my early birding amble around the square yesterday morning, these four (one's just out of the pic) flew over just S of the Castle while I was trying (and failing) to photograph four Chiffchaffs flitting up and down a nearby ditch. They (the geese!) circled a couple of times but then landed very conveniently in the Castle moat. Might have to get Andy to adjudicate on this one. For what it's worth, this was a first for the square and species no.148 for my local patch (Pevensey Levels). And a first new bird of the year  .... whatever their origins. There are several feral flocks roaming around Sussex just now .....

330 - Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot Ranunculus hederaceus in a little ditch SW of the Church (I was having a quick look for migrant Wheatears in the pasture sloping down to the Levels at the time) ... Thanks to Stuart D's blog for an accidental ID by the way. Then I nearly stepped on .....
331 - Brooklime Veronica beccabunga (also in the ditch) plus two other plants I haven't managed to ID just yet. Meanwhile, back at the plot I got side-tracked yet again:

332 - Amber Snail  Succinea putris  under an old bench.
333 - Centipede  Necrophloeophagus longicornis  under a slab by the plant bench.
334 - Rosy Woodlouse  Androniscus dentiger  underneath another bit of rubble.

335 - Beech Woodwart Hypoxylon fragiforme  ..... appropriately enough on a beech log in the little bluebell wood. Same fungus (but different location) as I posted a couple of weeks back .... but finally found it in the Roger Phillips guide this morning.

336 - Common Jellyspot Dacrymyces stillatus on an old wet stump on the edge of the nearby meadow early yesterday  morning .....

So now up to 336 species - but that'll probably have to do until later this week-end .....


  1. Mike, my blog might have accidentally misled you. When making my initial identification of R. hederaceus, I considered R. omiophyllum at length, and yours seem to have a hint of that. The flowers offer much more of a clue than the vegetative states, so I'd hang fire before committing. Pretty little plants either way.

    This might help

    Or perhaps not.........;)

  2. Thanks Stuart. Must admit I'd not come across Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot locally, let alone Round-leaved Water Crowfoot (the latter I'd not even heard of until you mentioned it!). Will be easy enough to keep tabs on it as the ditch is on the last half mile of my regular Pevensey Levels birding walk. Excellent blog by the way ....

  3. Hi Mark

    I know my so called pan species list for my square is pathetic at the mo but I apparently need to send my list to you in order that I can attend the w/e Sarah is arranging in Sussex is it in June......whilst I am happy with Birds.....over 400 British BOU birds....I am learning most of the rest altho I think I probably known more than I have ever listed as I keep finding when the Gibster ( a mate) says he is after some stuff and I look it up and find I have seen it! lol only cos I am 60 and been around! hahaha mind I know nowt about Moths - getting my trap soon....or Lichens and almost nothing about sping thingys!

  4. oh my British Bird Life list is on Bubo so you can see that and add my sad 2 spiders and the trees plus Silver birch! for my 1000 1 km square.
    its a bit scary starting this kind of list!

  5. Hey C, stop hijacking Mike's post lol. Regards Pan-species Listing, you need to contact Mark Telfer (don't panic, he's a really nice fella. Doesn't know much about beetles or birds though...) See his website, with appropriate contact details, at

    See if you can breakdown your list into subtotals ie birds, mammals, plants, inverts or however with the tally alongside.

    The guy running THIS site (1000species in a 1KSQ, but largely being undertaken by PSL-ers from Mark's site) is a fella called Andy of the BTO. He's one of the guys who started the mighty BUBO!!!

    You over 100 in the 1KSQ Challenge yet? Why not ;)

    1. Don't worry - I'll send you the bill later. It's only 50p per word for hijacking my post but double that for typos or bad grammar and triple if PSL is mentioned more than once ..... Makes you wonder if our various comments on this or that 1KSQ species ID/mis-ID end up on some poor unfortunate's blog in downtown USA or elsewhere? Try clicking 'Next Blog' if you see what I mean ....

  6. Corinna,
    Have sent you a facebook message about joining the Pan-species Listing rankings. Good to know you will be along to the PSL weekend in June. Cheers, Mark