Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guernsey beetle

Hey there Beetlebums. Tried to do a detailed study of a beetle under the 'scope, first with a beetle families key, and then with an online key to genus. What I ended up with was a species of Syntomus. Now I don't expect an ID from a photo, but out of interest, just wanted to know if I am in the right vicinity, or if I am waaaaaaaaaay off. It was 3.5mm head to bum. Ta.


  1. Hi Mark, smart looking thing, I'm sure Mr Telfer will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Question though... I can see some blurry shapes:-
    Front left tibia (proximal end) pointing up.
    Several projecting outwards from the rear.

    Laboulbeniales or dirt?

  2. Oh, that's just too cool for skool! I recall seeing tiny yellow "spikes" on a hibernating Harlequin Ladybird a year or two ago and wondering what I was seeing. Thought it must be dead, guess not though!

  3. On the nail Mark - Syntomus foveatus.
    I like Laboulbeniales, even though I can't ID them. Apparently they are STDs!

  4. Well, bloody ummers! Cheers for that Mark. I am shocked that I managed to navigate the mysterious waters of a beetle key without heading down the wrong fjord. (think that this may have had a few moth scales stuck to it as it was in one of my moth pots!)