Friday, March 15, 2013

Desperate Times

Broadholme - Lincolnshire 15 March 2013  Martin Gray

Since my last post I deveoped severe siatica and was hospitalised for a few days and now due an operation in early April so not much to report. The good news to come from it is that recuperation involves walking and my square will be visited twice a day to start recording the plants, fungi etc. Cannot wait for some warmer nights to get the moth trap out.

64 - Barn Owl (Watched from lounge window regular sighting for me)

65 - Fox (Walking in front of garden, lost most of my chickens to this creature)

66 - Siskin ( up to 6 feeding on sunflower hearts)

67 - Pied Wagtail

68 - Luffia ferchaultella ( Moth psychidae species, loads on my house wall. I predict these are on
        most off your own walls.

69 - March Moth ( on lighted window)

Luffia ferchaultella
Lichen on birch branch (Help required)


  1. I must look out for Luffia - looks familiar, like something I've seen but never identified.
    I'm a complete beginner on lichens but the yellow stuff in your picture is going to be Xanthoria parietina or X. polycarpa. Looks more like an oak branch!

  2. Its x.parietina, polycarpa is more crowded and doesn't show that much lobes, and is rarely that abundant. The greyer stuff will be on of the two common physcia's p.tenella or p.adscendens.

    Would be good to see a closer look at the x.parietina, there's a sooty wash to some of it that might be a lichenicolous.. but is probably just dirt :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your health problems Martin - at least you haven't missed much in this terrible weather. Interested to see your Luffia photo - I've posted some similar photos in earlier posts which Seth questioned. I've got some in a pot now to see if they do anything interesting...