Friday, March 1, 2013

New Starter - Lincolnshire

I have decided to have a go at the challenge following Andy,s request for more northerly attempts. My square encompasses my garden in Broadholme, Lincolnshire and is predominately arable farmland with ditches containing reeds etc. Within the square is a 2 acre pond with a surrounding water meadow which I hope to pick up some of the rarer species.
I am an avid mother and should record 550 to 600 species and have recorded some crackers in the past such as White-spotted Pinion, Rush Wainscot, Ni Moth and many more.
In the past month I have recorded some unexpected birds in the square with Little Egret, Grey Wagtail and a garden Merlin.
Not sure how I list my records on this Blog, if any one can inform me that would be great.

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  1. Thanks for joining in Martin, you are very welcome.

    We don't have an automated way of adding records to this blog. People are simply reporting sightings of interest, and including their latest scores, either in their blog posts or as a comment on the "latest scores" tab - I will then update the rankings.

    If you do want a way of recording all your multi-taxa records though, perhaps have a look at