Sunday, March 3, 2013

Telfer the Terror comes to Play

3rd March -

I'd recently emailed Mark Telfer the TQ1960 species yearlist and offered to "show him any species he may still need". Mark obviously figured it would be worth his while popping down to Surrey, "see you there - 10:30 tomorrow morning"...blimey, cheers for the warning, lol!!!

Anyway, Mark duly arrived and we set off in search of goodies. Happily I managed to find Mark a bucketload of lifers (well, a small tumbler's worth maybe) and he, in turn unearthed a few newbies for me. As a result my mollusc list increased from 57 to 66 species within about an hour and a bit of microfungi exploration added another fistful to both of our lists, mostly on dead leaves/stems/samaras.

Of 20 additions to the list 16 were new to me! Many thanks to Mark for a cracking day on the common, I hope I can remember at least a small bit of what I learned!

Additions were:

304 - a moss - Hypnum lacunosum (var lacunosum) (LIFER)
305 - a beetle - Salpingus planirostris (LIFER)
306 - another amazing globular springtail! - Dicyrtomina saundersi (LIFER)
307 - a lichen - Cladonia conicraea
308 - a microfungus -  Leptosphaeria acuta (LIFER)
309 - a microfungus - Calloria neglecta (LIFER)
310 - a slug - Deroceras reticulatum (LIFER)
311 - a beetle - Quedius levicollis (LIFER)
312 - a snail - Aegopinella pura (LIFER)
313 - a slug - Tandonia budapestensis (LIFER)
314 - a snail - Vitrina pellucida (LIFER)
315 - a slug - Deroceras invadens (LIFER)
316 - a slug - Lehmannia valentiana (LIFER)
317 - a snail - Oxychilus alliarius
318 - a slug - Limax flavus (c30-40!!!) (LIFER)
319 - a beetle - Abax parallelepidus
320 - a moss - Bryum argentium (LIFER)
321 - a plant - Common Vetch
322 - a microfungus - Stagonospora (Phoma) samaranum (LIFER)
323 - a microfungus - Thedgonia (Cercospora) ligustrina (LIFER)

The microfungi were an eye-opener for Mark, the ease at which he IDed the slugs was an eye-opener for me...

Doubtless Andy will say I've cheated by inviting another PSLer into the square.

But...... what??    :D 


  1. Sounds a fantastic day - and I don't think it's cheating at all, honestly. So long as you're learning from the experience, that's the main thing. And I need to go and look for that ivy-blotch-rubbish...

  2. Couple of re-identifications - the Quedius is probably fuliginosus not levicollis, and the Irish Yellow Slugs are Limax maculatus, not flava (my typo, sorry!!!)