Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Frustrated by the lack of insects I've been reduced to ticking vermin, in between dipping on waxwings. First was Pediculus humanus capitatus the human head louse, introduced by a person who shall remain anonymous - we have got two junior schools in the square, so not a surprise. At least it wasn't Pthirus pubis. Secondly, and equally inevitably, the first Tinea pelloniella, case-bearing clothes moth has appeared. They've caused us considerable damage in the past, but we don't get any other clothes moths in the house. Sadly missed a friend's rubbish-feeding brown rat, but remain optimistic on this one.

Surprisingly, not least to me, the list is now up to 314. Mostly plants (158 vascular, 58 lichens and 28 bryophytes so far), and looking forward to some insects. The number of odd looks I've had, a hazard for the urban naturalist, is approaching 100 but nobody has asked me what I'm doing, still less invited me to view the unimproved grassland they hide in their back garden, or threatened me with the police and/or violence.

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  1. 100for1ksq ltd accepts no responsibility for injuries incurred whilst hunting lichens in the rough streets of Bristol...